onsite at Te Kura Tawhito



Piri Cowie 022 1630902    Piri works in a range of medium including bronze, printmaking and design.  Room 6

Kim Lowe /Toi Te Karoro   021 0388045  Kim is an artist, printmaker and art teacher.  Room 7

Jon Jeet 027 3601587  Jon’s primary practice is portraiture and pounamu taonga.  Room 8

Donald Gibson 022 6836302/021 0330749  Donald  is a jeweler & sculptor, creating through touch only.  Room 9

Erika Isaksen 022 6836302 Erika is a  multidisciplinary artist focused on the joy of creating. Room 9

Candice Pierce 021 2743723 Candice is an educator and artist who has lived  Christchurch since 2006. Room 4

Melissa Macleod    Melissa is an artist and art teacher living in Brighton.  Room 4


Community Groups and services

Renew Brighton  Sylvia Smyth  022 0699439      A community development organisation operating in New Brighton.

Stitch-o-mat      Bridget Allen 027 6537397 or Sam Fay  022 0459699    A community sewing room based in Room 1. 

Pregnancy Help     Provides assistance and advocacy during pregnancy and early childhood.  03 3850556

New Internationalist Magazine        Independent media since 1973.    03 3863153

Community Clinic       Sophie Gold 022 4734528   Registered acupuncturist offering community clinics.

Kalpa Bhadra Buddhist Meditation      Kate Faulkner 03 3322076    Meditation classes for all.

Tension Release     Kathy Hughes  022 6507896   Tension Release Exercise (TRE)   classes.

Yoga        Live, love, breathe yoga with Dani Davis  - yoga for body and mind.  020 41425166

Rongoa     Te Haa o Io      020 40983040 Traditional Maori medicines and healing  -  Saturday clinics.

Keeping Kids in Contact    Supervised contact   022 367 3741

Rawhiti OSCAR       After school care for children of working parents in the New Brighton area.  027 4640005

Christchurch Circus Trust www.chchcircus.co.nz  Circus classes for youth and adults.  Roy Stokes Hall.