A community hub for art, health and wellbeing

The Old School Te Kura Tawhito was officially opened on the ex Central New Brighton School site in September 2017. Resident on site,  we have a wonderful array of community groups, artists, and health and wellbeing practitioners, offering a diverse range of activities and classes to the community. 

Central New Brighton School proudly played a fundamental role in the New Brighton community for 125 years, and its closure impacted a great deal of people. The site holds within its walls countless stories and memories that will be treasured and shared by families, and the whole community, for generations to come. Renew Brighton was offered the Central New Brighton School site in 2017, on behalf of the New Brighton community, whilst the longer term future of the site was determined. Over a series of community workshops  many individuals and groups express an interest in using the site for different activities, most with a creative focus. An eclectic hub of art, wellbeing, education and more - and so it evolved.

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Site Coordinator

Sue Davidson - 027 6996342 - theoldschoolnb@gmail.com

New Initiatives

We are currently setting up The Art Room at The Old School Te Kura Tawhito, which will be open to the community and bookable by groups. A place to come and relax, try some art, learn to draw, work on your existing piece, get some help and advice, chill on the couch and read an art book or hold a workshop for others. There is plenty of research showing that creativity and well being go hand in hand. The Art Room will provide our community with this creative space enabling us all to take time out for ourselves.  




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MANAIA- Our logo

The Manaia symbol is the spirit guardian (of man), a guardian against evil, believed to be the protector of the sky, earth and sea. It is depicted with the head of a bird, body of man and the tail of the fish.  The three fingers of the hand refer to birth, life and death, or alternatively the three baskets of knowledge. Our Manaia was created by the Kai Tahu artist Arana Cassino Edwin with this place in mind, the community, location, and the unique nature of Te Kura Tawhito and the people of Brighton.